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Student Interview
Haven Carlson
Enthusiastic volunteer. Environmental advocate. Informed citizen.
The counselors gave us a packet that had information about a made-up town and all the different types of people who live there. ... The problem was that someone was planning on building a coal-fired power plant in one of the districts. So it was our job to get our message out to the people of the town and to have demonstrations or create petitions.

Read the full interview.
Road JournalsSpeak Up!
Hitch a ride with this semester's journalists as they navigate their way through school and beyond.High-school and college students share their ideas and opinions on the choices involved in education and career planning.
Meet this semester's journalists.
Vanessa Clinton, H.S. Student
Catherine Gao, Environmental science
Lee Heinemann, Interdisciplinary sculpture
Joshua Shaw, H.S. Student
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Troubleshooting and Networking at the National EAST Conference
By Joshua Shaw, senior, Hillcrest High School


Stay tuned! More Student Interviews to come.

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